Make a popup for Adblock user

I am thinking for a passive income, that’s why I added Google Adsense to my personal blog. But if user blocks the advertisement (by using adblock or something else), it means I receive nothing.

That’s why I will display a popup for reminding you to disable Adblock on my page.

Actually I use the Adblock also, to keep focus on the reading because there’re lots of page which have too much ads. But a minor ads in somewhere is acceptable also, that’s why I am asking my reader to disable it.

I found solutions here. The last one seems nice to me.

But it seems too much to me, I just need simple one. I already have jQuery, after some trying there’s my finally source.

Have a brief explain in the gist above also.

Looking for my first 100 bucks (the limit of being able to withdraw from Google)

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